The Space Of Peace

A wise philosopher once said: ‘As above so below As within so without’. (out-with) (In order for peace to align in you so too can peace outwardly align) For The space of peace left me The space of peace started to evaporate from me For the smoke of evaporation is … Continue Reading The Space Of Peace

Remember to Remember!

Remember to remember true kindness starts with myself Remember to remember To offer compassion to me within my minds language Remember to remember To offer this gently Remember to remember That this discipline tames the mind Remember to remember To offer this to myself Constantly, consistently, congruently so Remember to … Continue Reading Remember to Remember!

Shallom Peace

I lift myself high I find Shallom I lift my crown high I find Shallom I lift my soul high I find Shallom I lift my love high I find Shallom We lift you high You will find Shallom We lift your crowns high You will find Shallom We lift … Continue Reading Shallom Peace

The Legends of Old

This homeland of mine How sweet you are to thine! A land that captures imagination and understanding should you seek from the truth aligned heart! Within in these legends of folklore; fairies; goblins Running Rife with magicians both male and female fondly known as Druids. For within this magical homeland … Continue Reading The Legends of Old

Lost Members of old!

Within Our worded, spoken memories, of My lost members; for my all members live on through the discourse, & choruses, of laughter within such spoken memories to trace, To keep them with us, here to keep us safe for us to keep them with us too. I will always love … Continue Reading Lost Members of old!

Grains of Sand

Each grain of sand holds memories of the past I have learned from centuries of old For When I next walk along the beach next I will no longer shrill at the discomfort of each grain of the sand inbetween my toes; feet and hands For remembering that each grain … Continue Reading Grains of Sand


The remedy I thought I lost The remedy I thought was empty The remedy I thought was destroyed Yet the remedy I find within For here I found my best friend of myself: my other remedy The more I shower her with the remedy The younger she becomes on the … Continue Reading The REMEDY!