My Mum #StarfishClub

You are my best friend You are my protector You are my biggest cheerleader You always see the best things in me. Growing up your pushed away love Yet you always put our needs before your own Surpassing unconditional love to us both. You were and are pure strength You … Continue Reading My Mum #StarfishClub

Mistakes Made

I stand in front of ye’all To acknowledge all the mistakes I made and wrongs I made But to tell ye’all there’s none that I have not learned from For there is no soul on earth that makes errors But not all learn and adapt Copyright Myfanwy 2020 ©

My Paradise

My paradise The sunshine rises to cleanse My mind To harbour promote and protect THis internal and and external paradise As above so to below As below so to above As within So too outfolds As outfolds So to within Copyright Myfanwy 2020 ©

My pen and I

For me My pen 🖊 and I Carry a loaded weapon My wand To weave my worded spell My mantras from day to date To greet the self To enchant and delight To awaken the senses To expose your light of truth within I illuminate and expose My power My … Continue Reading My pen and I


 He came for her in the dead of night  He came while she was sleeping  He gave her kisses of roses  And thorns that started weeping.  He gave her dreams of lost loves  And dreams of forgotten lives  His fingers touched and stroked her skin  They burned like molten knives.  By … Continue Reading BLACK DEATH by D.D