Opinions & Judgements by MEJ

Opinions, are judgements; Judgements are Opinions. Neither: Are FACTS. Opinions & Judgements, Judgements & opinions; Are based on: • inferences • assumptions • lead headed air. Neither are, FACTS Neither are, The TRUTH Neither; OBJECTIVE. Yet In knowing & Acknowledging our small part in our; Personal Accountability Personal Responsibility Personal … Continue Reading Opinions & Judgements by MEJ

Our Clans by MEJ

The dark abyss The darker moment The closer we rise To the cusp of dawn A lowly bird song A melody to sing To awaken the call within. What gratifying gratitude to hear such A benevolent melody For this is your song Our song. Hiding our pains To now let … Continue Reading Our Clans by MEJ


The merit of the heart Is true The might of the heart May seem capped Such are life’s knocks Yet The will of the heart Is Sturdy It’s steadfast Life Society attempts to severe and bind us To hold us down. The heart can always remain free The heart wins … Continue Reading The HEART

STIGMA by Michelle

The politics within the Schooled stance of judgement When none have asked Naught and none Have asked the source Assumptions Judgements Bestowed on thee For yes I am different For yes I have a hidden disability Triggered in another reaction to shock Lay my prison For this genetic disorder Of … Continue Reading STIGMA by Michelle