Twas then; I stand Here-Now by Myfanwy 💫

’twas broken

‘ Twas Perished,

with the severed friendships & relationships

Over this coars’ed life course.

Yet;Now, though I can see:

my own natural, unique, love forced energy

Radiantly shining that connects to all &

all can connect to it (should they choose).

And so in this life’ed course of mine-

Dark humour to dissolve their woes big or small.

My question to all friendships & relationships-

“Do you echo & offer this beat in your heart as mine does to you?”

True love found’d in relationships & friendships is only equal

when both share this , mutual,

agaped love, being reciprocated for all parties

to grow

to flourish…& so it is this I preserve to protect this right within me!

Freedom & a blanket of inner peace surrounds me now as my shield.

For then: my energy above was being leeched, dispelled, & soaked up

By this vesselised housed body,

like a sponge soaking up bitterness / negativity

This is the venom to all vessels.

Just surrounding myself in & around it!

For “Love truely is a Law without an Opposite”

My inner belief compromised.

Sickness in this vessel ravaged within,

Like a torrent current permeating into my bones, to every cell.

It showed itself through every step

& with every breath I took.

My mind a thick black haize – dank, wet, contaminating me from the outside within,

My own prison.

That ’twas then; yet now,

here is where I stand…the air no longer,

thick & dank!

For now I breathe in the fresh air, with the scent of freshly cut blades of grass.

For once stood broken & unshielded…

And Now; I stand with:

My own armour,

My protective layer my guard.

For Each day that passes now,

& restores further within my inner faith within ME!

An inner knowing that,

That this…

Really is my course, the only one for me;

& I choose it whole heartedly, with my open hands and I willingly embrace my journey.

This path was also chosen for me, I acknowledge that ‘it’ all had to happen in this way.

Its confirmed within every second, every moment, every day that passes.

My wisdom grows

Drawing on the lessons of my past.

For I now rejoice in the pasts grip,

For I survived it all!

Nature echoes the divine connection love within & this can be harnessed by all.

Some laugh at faith

Some laugh at beliefs

For me I Feel,

I Know,

I see and affirms all I knew from when I was young.

All go through adversity….

Though who can compare one’s hardships against another’s?

When no – one can walk in their shoes, to feel, to know, to see!

The Past’ed Friendships/ Relationships can give us freedom to fly and soar

While dodging those relationships that clip our wings to a brick & drag us down.

Which, beautiful souls suits your bodily vessel best?

Written by M . E . Jones 14th Apr 2018 at 15:56 hrs xx

Copyright Myfanwy 2019