What you all assume to know!

Distortions of reality were a trap,



All the pictures – fragmented & distorted falling through my dream catching minds eye.

Joining them together objectively

What do I truely see?
Exploitation? Manipulation? disloyalty? dishonesty?
Even the kindest of hearts can see this now.

Although my kindness changes not;

What does change are only the situations posed to me, but you all may think my kindness will alter.
But regards my defences for my case, is the intensity of my assertion.

The kindness you all see, I give freely to all!!
Deserving or not!

For some this has lack lustre appearance of weakness to it. Never judge a book by its cover!!
For this your opinion – not my fact, not my truth, not my moral belief, neither is it my faith by which I choose to live.

The role of the fool I played back then. For you know not

what I see,

how my mind works, or what I have retained,

for all are not, have they been in my shoes and walked in them. With all your pretences of knowing all about me

So tell me…

Tell me more to what you appear to know?

But You ALL know only what you wish to hear & see

For your own ends,

For your own agendas.

But none can know what I hear! But none can know all I see!

But none will know the strength of my character!

But none will know my power within!!

At last I see this, acceptance is mine and I embrace it all and I smile on.
So please see what you desire
So please see what you like
So please create & spill the venom about me!!

For this this more about you than it does about me!

For this helps me see I’m on the best path for me for your roots come from jealousy and envy

Which only serves to arise stronger within & outeardly,

More determined than before to I outstretch myself,

Slowly and suredly I place more distance between us

Although you try to sit next to me with the mirage and allure of a true friend to me!!

For I am strength,

For I am power,

For I am love,

For these are the bare minimum principles by which I operate my life course with.

For many, many situations once I faced on my own, on my off centred path,

I have had no one around me in times of need.

This was once a fear that awoke in me,

And I have arose out the other side of this fear.
So yes I have a conceited arrogance in a still calm knowing that I can bear the weight or force of any situation that life can throw, But to those who like to test, hate I turn my back on you.
You all think you, You all assume to know

But where were you for me then?

So all….How many of you were there?,

But elephant soul within me rises tall as always,

But even the purest of hearts can still see through this….

Remember though the old adage

While you distract yourself with this jealousy, and envy

These are really your distractions to avoid examining your own stones, gritt in your eyes to sort through!!

And to the wise mind always says your thoughts and you are no longer my business in the nicest possible ways…

Written by M. E. Jones 30th May 2018 at 12:02

Copyright Myfanwy 2019

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