Prizing Global Societies!by Michelle

Through years of my travel, Places I have visited – so near & far

In Recent months and times of my past. YET still more I wish to see, absorb, watch –

For respecting their cultural norms, etiquettes, traditions, histories absorbing everything sensed through my vessel. For what am else am I here to do. What else am i here for but To learn from one and all….

While I always remember & embrace my own individual cultural positives – within this ‘wise ancestoral land’ in which I live.

Setting out

from Wales to Austria

From Ireland to Greece

From Jerusalem to Cairo

From Germany to Canada

From Italy to Constantinople

From Croatia to Barcelona

From Brittany to Malta to Roma

From Marrakesh to then set course for Ghana and beyond

Coming back to welsh lands of my higher percentage of my prismed heritage.

For Without one society – we do not have the other. For each culture has their afflictions – hoping to be solved. For each culture has aspirations.

When will we see, When will we learn, When will we listen to hear our ancestral lands cries, to our children’s pleas.

For each individual holds the power to unlock trueness of their beauty within…through love. For each culture holds a unique key and beauty. For each culture holds powerful shamed transgressions one craves freedom from beyond their graves…

Can’t you hear them sing, cry beg and plead…Peace internally and in society also. Near and far. Creating the truest heaven. A heaven here on earth in the now.

The Celtic society usurped & invaded over the course of different stretches of time, Pre-dating Caeser this culture was where Druid traditions passed through allegorical dialectics, Druidic leaders Male & Female akin, as key leading figures offering healing, mediation, treating the afflicted offering peace yet from this historical culture & society holding so much knowledge lost through the smite of jealousy from the Royalty at the time.

For the bloodshed spilled on this mighty land, suffered, the peoples also too. Families ripped apart. Females & children burned at the stake & drowned. Forced to flee. Villages pillaged, burned, peoples raped, & enslaved. The Welsh Language prohibited & banned a criminal they become for speaking their native tongue, yet it flourishes and rises up stronger than ever before somehow someway against that might.

Yet still more global Oral & Allegorical wisdoms are still passed down through generations to date. Native American testimonials & traditions almost lost in much the same way. The African-Caribbean Pat’wah language lives on along with their traditions & testimonials alike, all nearly lost. But still lives on & thankfully still thrives on to date.

For the power of love and testimonials of our ancestors their knowledge, their love lives on. One of our oldest religion’s upon which so many is based, so say wars caused by religion yet the individual deflects their accountability and responsibility of their individual choice they made against their religion if it is to kill another.

When will the start of a shift of change occur in laying down arms from the smite of the other in defence of the next. Each and every individual holds their own life story, & so alike does every single culture & society to present date.

“As above, so below”.

But can we not re write our present moments with only a kindness of heart harnessed and promoted and watch the domino’s puzzle set a cascading global shift of change.

Mirror of kindness inwardly and outwardly so.

For in every cultural societies stories, lay their truths, lay their knowledge, lay their love. All contexts may differ & vary, All belief systems with or without have to be respected too but never one at the cost of another race of man.

For what is THE alternative –

one mass collective society – a lack lustre, loveless, robotic society – the One World Order……

For holding respect & appreciating the good of each individual culture serves only to harness greater harmony, diversity & equality, while maintaining a mutual & reciprocal respect of each society & their peoples within it.

Yet still more bloodshed is waned on innocent lives, deemed only as a commodity exported with fees laying on their heads. Enslaving, For the money in this bloodshed is worth more than life.

Yet the top leaders reference the world wars as their learning points in helping – I feel sickened at the mass genocides to global societies money is the drive and motivation, as it was all those years ago and still is now.

I say again… Dispelling competition over another is the key, learning from the

Celebrating each culture, remembering each & all lost & loved.

My only duty is to sow the seeds of change… To reap a harvest of change either in my lifetime or for the next generations, for its up to those to water the seeds for themselves which is the source & then actions a shift of change in & to them.

© Michelle/Myfanwy 2019