Our Nations Hero’s

Everyday I drove past,

The Museum where they remember you,

On the Watton.

EVERYDAY my mind forgot to pay homeage….

To our nations Hero’s in the Museum where they remember you.

Though for today my soul hears

Though for today my soul sees

And for today my soul offers great compassion to you all.

For all of you gave yourselves to the fullest

For all of you gave the ultimate self – sacrifice

For all of your lives have benefitted us

So that we afford this Freedom in our immediate Yesterdays, todays & more tomorrows to come in our modern day society.

Thank you seems so small to say – given the magnitude of what you left behind and went on to endure with your forfeited lives then on the firing line.

For you must all know that from me myself & I that I humbly recognise this with the sincerity of all my heart.

For all your lives honoured each of us some choose to remember, some take time to see, while some choose to close their eyes.

For me, this is my one of many platforms, to shine the light back on all of you, & to remark on your bravery you offered then and now to our united global nations.

For The Freedom we have now, is because of each of your lives – that you laid before our feet : on the there battle grounds.

For me my own sacrifice lays on & in my own doorstep, promoting peacefulness within to then reverberate outwardly, with a healthy measure of sincerity and with a squeeze of love offered. In the hope that others see & follow. That peace is the only way. This is in honour of you all & my heart rings in chorus for all you have done.

And so I offer all these things to you all





For all will be Remebered & Honoured, I choose to never Forget!

© Michelle 2018