This Silent Tear by Michelle #StarfishClub #poetshub #Bipolar #PTSD

This silent tear before you. I expel, and shed in disappointment of you

For if I were to speak now I know not where my word of disappointment in you would take me

As words Can Cut deep

So I choose restraint instead.

Yet while choosing restraint a silent tear falls instead.
For I was fooled, beguiled, and lured in by your spell.

Though as I cast my mind back

I see now how cast iron your ignorant assumptions and prejudices are. And this is where my disappointment in you unravels before my eyes.

Your interpretations of my behaviour and actions of me, Are really your deflection to avoid the trueness of FACT. When actually the silent tear that has left me now speaks for ITSELF. I choose to conserve MY energy on me, nurturing positivity only.

So with this silent tear I choose to walk away as well

Tears deemed a weakness, a tactic. Though this is just your opinion. But it will Never be a fact!

For I see the strength in showing emotion. The courage, the bravery it holds. By and through showing restraint in this manner.

And this is my blessing.

© Myfanwy 2019