Phoenix Eagle Angel (I Hear You!)

This is for your honour, & written in your memory; for some only see now, some never saw and others never knew, but to others, we always saw, we always knew.

Trapped eyes, I saw.

your will yearned for more,

Riddled by hows

& whys…!

These questions were your demons whisper! I know that because it was in me to a demon whisper but this was not you nor me and we both knew this.

Dark cubed abyss, haunting voices chipped the YOu down. I had been there too to know this was what you were trying to hide.

Hearing; that deviled, demoned voice,

tapped, tap – tapping you then with no respite only haunting taunting and torture For all those years. For me all this is pledged for you for they hurt you and took you from me.

Your action was a self sacrifice of THE self for others and for us.

A mode of declaration to be Heard

A STAND against it in your way

This is now my way for you also

For the will of that shadowed forked tongued beast GROUND You down till you saw no hope at all and I know this too.

Yet Your convictions: standing firm then is as now and I stand hear now because I hear you still.

For there is always a mastery of answer from the higher gained.

And from Mythologised book thee have thine at hospital all those years ago so you also I know knew. For thou saw & thou art knew instinctively but this was the key.

And you also felt tied too to the lost scriptures thine & thous key, to the higher knowing.

Which brought us back here & there.

reforged…. Within different plains.

To me you are as you always were. Always was & forever will be

For to me you had the might of a Golden Phoenix Eagle Angel and I know your here.

(I Still Hear You I feel you and I see you too!).

SHALLOM MIGHTY ONE For you can do what you set out to do from that paralleled reality now in a bigger and brighter way on your side with no bounds and I can do my side here our unconscious promise!

So Shine Brightly beautiful one loud and proud

Radiant One!!!!

You will always be remembered, and cherished!!

Copyright Myfanwy 2019