Treed – Leadered Giants of Old

The wonder & marvel of this land I feel to my core.

Outstretched under the paved arches of my feet,


Open to all, should they hold: purity of heart,

Echoing reverberations of loyalty outwardly.

Encased in hope & faith

For this land is the land of love for all causes,

Let the whispered Choral melodies of the breeze lift your forelawn spirits.

I give thanks to those who honoured this Majestic Nation

For our land fill is seeped with Honour, strength & benevolence.

Our Roots of old interlocking to shield all now.

For our treed – leadered Giants of old, encapsulate Majestic Splendour,

Standing tall as the breath of winds smoothe through their leaved filled hair.

ENCASED in Auaraed light to their tips of Splendoured Golden – dusted leaves.

Throughout the crevices outstretched in our land.

For These treed – leadered Giants of old stand tall and I marvel at it all.

copyright Myfanwy 2019