My Breath of Life almost severed.

I BROKE FREE, & Here I am alive. A gift;

my gift, this then I saw not; Yet I smile in this moment, as I ‘cwtch‘ away the wounds and scars of my ‘youngered’ sistered self. MY GIFT.

Could it get worse? more to follow? chosen vocation ripped from under my feet, Treasured Souled friendships – severed & shunned me, THE ‘hindsighted’ self is immersed in gratitude that it happened this way, To protect All. A gift to see this. My gift to myself. My gift is always seeing the positive in all the appearances of the wreckages in my life. All qualities tested. My belief in humanity, & compassion also tested yet I past with flying colours. MY gifts.

My part I acknowledge, I accept, – yet he escapes not the actions that he levied at me – yet this is no longer my concern. Another gift bestowed at my feet. MY GIFTS. Yet, My part I acknowledge, I accept, Another gift bestowed at my feet. My gift.

Yet, The levy was my ‘nuts&bolts’ loosening in my mind after, yet, this served to distract, all from his negative acts against me. My gift to see this now. For the alternative, had my treasured golden family and prized souled friendships, known the fullness of truth in the then, what would have ensued then? Another hidden gift, MY GIFT.

Gratitude with my treasured golden family who remained & are steadfast, nurturing & consistent to me. Their gift to me unconditional love. Repayment they say unnecessary. Their gift & my gift entwined, Our gifts together we stand, united, we will be. Yes, he attempted to break us, to cast out his revenge on me & on my treasured golden family.
And today I celebrate my Freedom from him, and THIS is oursand my Victory over him & his plotted revenge to cast in my direction. My Gift.

So how many times have I bounced back in life? I’ve lost count. Ironically, the biggest gift, my bolts loosening, served to distract all, from his negative acts against me & My family.

My gift to see all of this and more….

For love protected me and I honour agape the source of all positivity.

MY open WOUNDS I pulled out of the shadows raised into the light and are MY GIFTS.

Copyright Myfanwy 2019