Linguistic linguists’

Toneal worded pitched responses. Within every accent throughout the globe.

For all accents are equal yet diverse within this glorious planet. For each carries equal power or does it? Within this modern day society.

Harmonised truthed chords true harmony vs heavy dischords within their discoursed so say melody.

Yet some judge the accent without listening to the spoken word why? Some prefer the pretence of harmonised melody.

Yet, will we ever merit: the harmonised truthed chorded melody?

For all of Our human vessels brothers and sisters know what is a truth chorded melody against the discoursed disharmony of dischords.

How? All vessels are designed to filter this,

from word to ear, ear to mind & ear to heart,

For the fullness of truth aligns within

For us know to feel to know to understand.

Yet in this modern day society those who feel this have to hide this for this is devoured as weakness….Which merits your vessel my fellow Linguistic Linguists’?

Copyright Myfanwy 2019