Stigmatising the Manic Depressive Rural Female

The silent frsutrations of a manic depressive out patient within the rural community….

The mental fog that I carried with the illness has lifted, peoples snipes and digs at this out patiented person within this rural community is what I shed to illustrate devoidance of understanding, empathy & compassion within this encassed natures beauty.

My Well Being, Mental Ill Health, my manic depression condition;

Society, individuals – deny existence, of conditions in modern day societies – its just life. The problem lies with you as a person. I just see you as you with no illness – you seem normal. medications – what use are they? I do wonder what would happen if you stopped taking your medications? Electric shock therapy the cure to all of your illness. I spend a lot of money to and have trouble sleeping i have it too, i get depressed as well but it passes in a week its life. My illness is contagious & will infect others. I should not have children because they will definately get it. You look so well your you don’t have a mental health condition. Yet your so articulate, you have not a condtion.

Mythed Ignorant Discriminatory statements promoting stigma and further fuels suicidal thoughts and plans.

For you all expect me to justify my medications daily to you but why should I since you are not a doctor or a specialist expert. My treatment you disprove of, yet again are not a my specialist expert, or a doctor within this practised niche to be able to critique the facts as they stand and as they are.

I stand here as a woman with the newly named manic depression to Bipolar Affective Disorder, I continue and continually will stand up to all of these myths to those who love to pigeon hole our mental health conditions, I survived and survive – the daily, monthly verbal jibes, digs, verbal and non verbal attacks in honour of those who take and who have taken their own lives for this stigma and discrimination leads to suicide of this I am sure when compassionate understanding is all that is and was ever needed to me, perhaps to us all. We have feelings too.

Copyright Myfanwy 2019