Stop UK Hunger!

Within Our Manufactured Modern Westernised Society, UK Hunger Thrives. For most this is a symptom within their criseed sphered reality.

Collections of hostility to this fact, have been met within every sphere of society, inclusive of those housed within the commoned chambers that houses our nations leaders of governance acting on behalf of every person within the uk.

Yet WHO CHOOSES TO LEAD by example within our housed commons? Which leader chooses to stand by and not ignore the statistics?

For Every Individual, For Every single household and anyone within every intersection of society ALL can find themselves susceptible to redundancy, bankruptcy, poverty and therefore without food. UK Hunger Thrives.

For those at point of crises, I stand by and with this charity and my fellow commrades offering a suspended sanctuary of peace to escape their woes, with a small parcel of sustinence offered, for all who receice no greater relief I see, no words need be conveyed or warranted yet they always follow for the gratitude they feel at this offering hand is always heard, felt and seen. I care, my fellow comrades care, do you?

Copyright Myfanwy 2019