‘Disordered-order : Ordered-Disorder!’

‘A project of the finders path, Was my calling, between two boroughs bound.

From the rubbished, frenzied, sediments of anarchied disorder,

To trail of objectivity to muster, impartial truths, facted, of impartial firmament.

To bring order out of this organised disarray’d disorder.

Respect of esteem beheld for thee. For the Coils of life harboured once within.

The seed of thine illness was not then diagnosed, Yet a dominator I faced distorted my mind, and led me to to assume some untruths as fact at this time.

I write this to all housed there for thou know who thou are. For this apologised testimonial I write to honour all. The ‘Tridented Court’ I wish thee remained. For this denotes the true, facted, creditted merit of impartiality, within sedimented anarchy of disorder scenes.

Thanks to all for the coded: Billed Spark, of the bec’d-bell, Greened Kendall uniting all, the amardas-akerman were Graced times two, gram’d-rowly.

A meritted order out from disorder consistently, lays within these objectified houses if science.

And standing here and then with hope beyond – did not I let you all down? For I hold deep to my core beyond that this is the only route to demonstrate a true law of objectivity.

For this all lay in one place and this dominator of time knew of this. Data swiped and stolen within my portable tech at the time. silence held over my tongue, dryed out my throat.

For this bounded yellow form still fills me with glee for it all; enlightened me and oh how I miss it.

Copyright Myfanwy 2019