My Heart & Soul’s Tongue

My Hearted True Lands Soul,

Lays etched within my ragged veins,

Yet the Majestic soul weathered Hills stand Guard to All.

Akin to the leaders within the village of youth, through to the leaders in school all of respect I will always held & hold with thanks etched in me,

Yet shame and saddness wavered over this vessel

With the question levied at my door.

As Silent tears befell this vessilised being thereafter.

For the language of my Tongue,

Slips away and has escaped Thee,

For this I once had,

in those long gone years of yester days so old.

My Spirit marches forth willingly Knowing that,

I will answer thee both in the morrow days of the yfory’s

that I may pass you once more,

to reply; in my heart & souls tongue once more.

Copyright Myfanwy 2019