A Melodied Society

Within our modern day structure,So many words for the higher.

Others hold a respect for humanity as individuals &, as a mass collective.

For all Within this all a knowing that uncompassionate respectful love exists between person to person, neighbour to neighbour, stranger to stranger.

Denominations to stand now side by side for the mirco and macro gains equal balance to be restored in upholding this lined methodology

ALL united, unition, unified In ONE collective for our lights of unconditional loves band us ALL together by a hidden uniform love to extend outwardly so to all.

we individually in society hold our own responsibility to extend out our unique acts of compassionate kindnesses to our communified neighbours and global neighbours alike solidarity to all unified as brothered souled sisters and brothers who extend peace and unconditional love outwardly so to all.

While all Pooling our best together and celebrating all while treasuring the traditionalised rooted occassions too all in true synchronitised synergy and harmony to gain a chorded melody society.

For so many societies throughout have known destruction lets heal all on our doorstep and afar too.

For our better selves to shine forth in the societies of our generatiibs to line forth through the futures of lands ahead.

For this was the plea of my souled fathers of my rooted heart land.

Copyright Myfanwy 2019