My lost Patriarch!

In your honour I write this to you, for you were & are my hero, your entity is kept safe in our hearts…. All is for you.

The apple of your eye, for you were mine to Bri.

Your love steadfast, unconditional and consistent,

Our voice of reason to us all. Oh how I miss you.

A true’d love to my matriarch, our nan always shone through,

For you, your purpose to make all her dreams come true, and you did.

Yet this was what I searched for from high to low, low to high. Yet all that sparkles and glistens in society does not necessarily equal a permanent diamond to cherish.

For in, Your last days, you recognised not the eldest granddaughter, of Whom you thought was lost forever.

My pledge to you, is that my search has ended for all I needed is around me & was within all along. My truth, I will Lead & Live by from here on in. For here I stand today knowing my mission is to make you prouder daily.

Your wife, my nan, Our Matriarch of whom we hold so dear. Your daughter my mother – my daily inspiration, Keeps her promise to you to care for nan, for she holds a simialr key to what you and nan have.

Your younger granddaughter, my cousin akin to my sister, who’s daughter, your Great-Granddaughter, befell our family, our cherish, cariad’d-cherub too precious for words, her courageous, humoured, magnificient spirit lights up our lives like she would for you.

If you could see your grandsons your heart would be filled with glee- for the elder, my brother has his new immediate family and our new addition as me an aunt to etch further our strong holded family tree. Your Great-Grandson. For my brother much alike you and my father were lost at how to handle the mental illness that took such a stronghold over me.

Your other younger grandson, my younger cousin & my godson much, but more akin to my younger brother though, is still as beautiful as he was when he entered this world, The afflictions he has faced and he has surpassed, for it is he that also, gives me the courage to face all head on. For our family could have lost him, as well you know from watching us from afar where you are…. Inside all our hearts.

For although he has faced through such adversity, for someone with the purest of hearts – life can be so unkind to him who is as sensitive as I, through his aspergus and my bipoar we hold, a silent, unkown, common ground; that we choose to not let define us now.

Your son, my Uncle, your daughter-in-law, my Aunt, Encapture the loving relationship that you shared with me Bri, to your great Granddaughter also.

Within our banded, bounded, bonded family our tree’d leaders protect all the younger and lift them higher out and beyond. For you held belief in us, then and now, whether you spoke it to us or silently said it, we uphold it because we know it somehow.

I longly miss you daily, yet the pain that befell your vessel before your passing, before you went, as you were gone, is now dissipated.

Please know & hear that all you tried to create was never lost, for here we all stand, together, and this is without our close extensions of tree’d leader’d leaders within our blossoming, florishing and majestic tree filled family tree, clans, diverse and unique, one and together always and forever.

Love from us all your collective branches of “wipper-snappers”

Written mej 08-sept-2017

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