Roots United

Our family loved forestry of our united clanned varietied tree leaders and saplings running through us all banded together by our roots united and harnessed as one from our loved forested trees of love pulsing through connecting us together in our stronghold for we are clans of many banded bonded and bound together as Queens & Kings within our aligned family forested trees.

My sisters and brothers let’s band together to meet in the middle, meet in the middle, with peace in our hearts and freedom at our feet.

Yet the roots that lay underground, none to see to the naked eye above, within our tree filled forestry clans, so this we extend to all, for we are all are as one: just; above ground we are majestic varieties, we all are….we breathe the same and bleed the same way….this is the love we extend to you my brothers and sisters neighbourly and globally.

Copyright Myfanwy 2019