A mantra’d Me – my Heroine I wished to Be!

Furnacing the Queen Within

A heroine of inspiration I wish to be
how can this be achieved?
To live, & breathe in me everyday.
As my own heroine of inspiration
I inspire myself first & always
This is noted by others & this creates the mirrored inspiration in alignment.

To an outward frame of reference.
For This is my own keyed mastery
That I see now & Is my power of as a my daily heroine.
forcing this to be so – kept breaking back on me
Start from me the root
And has become my lock and keyed mastery
For this is my journey
It began with me; It started with me
And is my harmonised synergy
Manifesting from me outwardly
My journey lays before my feet
It bellows in my hearted beat
Actioning my own choices I Chip chip chip away at.
Living breathing for this at my day to day
At my week by week, Month by month
Into my futures years
Propelled momentum.
a choice set for me not for me –
For this is and was always the essence of me.
My newly achieved automatic response
That I created and harnessed for me
my own created mantrad me
For I am my daily Heroine always and forever, First and foremost.

copyright Myfanwy 2019