Freedom & Liberty please: Open to All?

In the footsteps that I thee take ever daily
I step bounded, bonded, banded and in true alignment with these filled lands, as our ancestors foiled coils of life springing forth, acknowledge being free, were they? Yet are we are free freedom comes in many forms and your interpretation and perception matters in order to relinquish your freedom.

For Banished are those who test, tempt and bequil thee, As we are all entitled to reign free in our lives, individually, & collectively so. The inner and outer aligned in a symmetrical symbiosis. For this is the ethical framework of all humanity that we, globally have learned, through individual errors and marooned errors akin.

Yet mystified eyes of thine own shed at many still enraptured, encaptured, extorted within our modern day slavery. Yet we all deny it happens in our ‘polished miraged 21century.

I write this for you, for all your cries I hear. For all your pleas I hear. For all the love you need I shine your way from here .

copyright © Myfanwy 2019