My Shout out

To those who maintain their dedication to surviving through day to day

surging through the daily grind.

They carve, they weave, they create!

They have their goals in lined sight

Aligning through their merry beat!

Eyes cast a high to the prize insight!

Yet strumming to their own hearted beated pursuit to their forged goalled sight!

Some hurdles they flared, into dust

Some hurdles they contemplate yet a cinder they are dispelled in smited ashes

Some may attempt to stop them in their tracks yet, they still strive through, push through, chip away through.

They are true survivors surfing the daily grinde and a victorious warriors.

For; These are my hero’s! For you do not need to be a celebrity to be a hero.

So I shout this out to you!

My aligned hero’s the daily grinde warriors United and Banded as one!!

Striving Forth Steady Maintaining & Effortlessly Florishing!!

This is a Shout Out to You All!

Steady Maintaining!! ThrivingStrivingShining!

Copyright Myfanwy 2019!