Out of Life’s Cinders

Out of life’s cinders I tend to my created garden of minded heaven, within

Laying with care the seeds within it.

For my garden is my mind.

My cinders, are to some what would be the so say interpretated tradgedies of my life that I use to fertilise my soil’d garden within.

The soil my soul so that the goodness from all tragedies the lesson is what propels my garden – my mind to flourish, and bloom; I feel nourished to soothe the master’d vesselised vehicle within and outwardly so to all.

Tending to my garden of peace within, for this is where I meet my friend within.

Symertises, harmonises and aligns a deeper connection to the outer reality’d garden of nature I see daily within the land of our fathers.

This is not a choice it’s my mantra’d souled unique choral melodied visual; within to harness the choice; to find beauty in all and more so out of the atrocities out of the so say interpretated life’s tradgedies, it is my choice to find the lessons, spot the acts of compassion & kindnesses of others to mirror it back effortlessly is my key’s scriptur’d daily life to lead….

For this is now here my Soul’d heaven’s garden within illuminates all around and the master and creator within in following this paved choice

For out of my life’d cinder’d ash’d life,

tranquility, serenity and harmony is mine, all Within me!

So; who wins within this twist’d line of irony?

Tis’ but me, I and myself vicitified and free!

Copyright Myfanwy 2019