A Weber Created Society

Within our United Banded Nation

harnessing what works

Endorsing best practice

With a duty of care to Protect all those of vulnerability or within vulnerable situations and contexts

To promote questions asking globally, nationally,locally, inward introspection also.

Addressing and reviewing the Lessons Learned

With a new Aligned chorded melody song for the adults of our future our children

Let’s break the cycles and nurture every layer.

To harness a symmetrical Society of equality

Every life equal regardless of the money in the bank they have, the car they drive, the house they own or don’t.

Addressing all inequalities by ironing out the creases

Engagement constantly with the sociological and psychological qualitative and quantitative analysis methods endorsed both sides of the coin to ensure a true lined course of protection mode within society to promote this globally while respecting each other’s diversity

Lined findings found and resolutions achieved and implemented, pooling information, inter agencies pooling of information essential within child protection issues and the elderly and everywhere in between have the government stretched the medical profession so much that they are unable to represent within the meetings of protection for this may be another key for within every layer lessons learned to utilise when achieving the harmonised Weber created society

For we have an individual responsibility as citizens and keepers of the lands but also the varied layers of seniority within each merited layer of society by dissecting the bad accident/crime best to review how we could have safeguarded all in the best possible way to protect those in the best possible way by protecting us the mirrored reflection lighted light attracted back and forth

For this could then be Our true heaven in earth a sanctuary for all to truely promote globally

To lead by example holding hands together.

Copyright Myfanwy 2019