Out growing tragedy. Negative situations surpassed. Some choices made wrong, at my heighted psychozed mood’d stat’d mind.

I tried to make all right; & yet the wounds of guilt I carried for all to see,

Though now I am trying to face the roots on a different level;

For here & now,

I choose to;

embrace my wounded past’d soul,

To love, the me; inside.

For once in my life I am at the start of seeing it is not arrogant to know that I am worthy and worthwhile.

Finally it has happened to ME

To help WE, us; collectively in a better way than I did before.

I will never be perfect and more so with any life long condition and yet; in seeing this;

This is perfection in essence to acknowledge our flaws is to bring them out into the light of awareness and so,

I choose to engage with this newly tuned brain’d vessel.

For this heart rules me and keeps the mind in check!

For this was my personal seed’d change over many years.

Nothing is ever impossible; ( as I see so many uprising through adversity they face! For they all showed me that there are limitless impossibilities!l awaiting for all to discover!





#everyvoicenatters #everybodymatters

To me

Am I alone in this?

Shine forth all those who struggle this is for you!!

Copyright Myfanwy 2019