Freedom from my Fears of Old Dissipated!

So many fears, none rational but is this not the nature of fears-irrational?

For This open hearted soul had, for this was I.

So many, too many, and more coming.

So facing them one by one became my mission to uprise beyond them.

Spiders, injections, hairdressers, dentist,Doctors,Police familiar faces, living, building up towards – conversations were but some;

Some knew of all, others a select few and other only I knew of!

And yet, I stand here before you all now

For facing them all is what I did

One by one, Bit by bit, Over and Over again.

De-Sensitised to a degree some still remain but fear less so to the nature of them before.

My freedom is now that none rule; me; in the same vain.

For these threaded connections of fear severed; my mission on that continues.

So I stood before them all individually with my open heart palmed hands facing up.

Did de sensitisation help? This was my shield little did fear know this.

And So; Dissolving them one by one,

Breaking them down one by one,

diminishing these feared clutches became my mission, Some remain &

Yet, none rule me in the same way!

For this is my victory over them.

And this is my freedom and my power.

My freedom from my fears of old dissipated smelted!

Copyright Myfanwy 2019