Pencils to Vote

Cynical hearted with all politics and politicians

I vote for my female anscestors

Yet trust not this VOTE

To place our marks of the X within our constituency pencils only offered to place my vote, no longer pens.

Which is easier to tamper with; fix and doctor

How can this be? For within this constituency a reason declared in defence

For this now cynically hearted rural hearted trifecta’d nationality who only wishes for

surely not within the 21st Century with all the talk of equality, transparency and objectivity

When will this be delivered? How can this be delivered? When the above has been compromised. Is this not what happened within the World War II in Germany.

And it is because of this I still pledge to vote but trust not the system of voting and counting votes, when a pencilled mark can be rubbed out so very easily.

Should we not safeguard the masses instead of distancing them?

I can see why the weight of the world is carried on their shoulder for I have been in similar situations to some not all.

For to this naively open hearted woman this is Confirmation of arted form of yet further violations, manipulation, exploitation on the masses, the lay people, who have been further isolated by the potential fixed vote.

Equality diversity respected yet compromised even further.

So watch news I turn my back on mass news I turn away from.

Copyright Myfanwy 2019