For Ajeema & Matoomi

Two radiant sisters befell our family clan

And Growing up in a rural village. A small child; that looked to all the females within our family to show me how I should be as an adult.

To provide me with examples of how a woman should carry themselves in adulthood and through adversity:

And yet For my aunt Roseanne; the little sister of my lost patriarch; who fostered you with uncle john who has since passed on.

For you both; filled our family with much love when you used to come to nans shop and talk to me my Nan and my lost patriarch too

For Roseanne encased you with so much love and our family loved you both also too.

For laughter and smiles were always at the ready and you both encased this all and so much more.

Both of your smiles captivated me the 4year old me then and now

Yet years on I understand now;

what the most breathtaking smiles hide for smiles mask every pain and hurt felt.

And yet you smiled more benevolently through every single adversity you faced and stood against.

20+ years you strive to study as medics of the medicine profession your chosen vocations of then within 80s of the rural village community within wales.

The professions you chose to help others was both of your callings and this was what aunty roseAnne strove to bring forth for you both in as many opportunities that this land could befall you both.

Yet, the passing of your uncle here in wales led your father to action your return back home to a county within the continent of Africa. And that was the last time Roseanne saw you both. All hearts broken Aunty roseAnne’s and uncle johns most especially.

At a time when all those I loved and left my cousins seemed to be taken away from me all at the same time Ceinwen, Tanya, Carrie and Ryland and you both, Ajeema and Matoomi can you and will you come back to us now as my other cousins have? For this would make aunty roseAnne’s heart sing with glee for us all to see your smiles once more.

36years on and I remember you but my aunt more so; my aunty roseAnne tried to write so many times, my aunt Roseanne so fondly, remembers of you with tears behind her eyes for she loved you both and still does!

so beautiful you both were as I remember and your smiles provided me an example of how to carry myself in the now come rain or shine, to reset any frowns away and smelt them away

So with smiles for this was your unwritten mantra that befell onto this cousin

Always know you are carried in our hearts within our clan.

For we miss you both still Ajeema and Matoomi.

© Michelle 2019