Take a Look at me Now

Take a look at this girl that once stood before you she smiles to hide the pain of her hidden illness.

Take a look at this woman standing, now, before you, for, she is humbled by every situation she faces with resilience and adversity past and present.

Take a look at this lady before you now who strives to gain and have entitled equality as a birthright as her crown’d glory.

For this lady thirsts and hopes for entitled equality.

Take a look at me now as I say before you all these qualities and more I align my actions to fulfil my hearts cries.

Take a look at the people you know now

Take a look at their struggle in your lines sight

Take a look at the communities of people around you now your neighbourhoods nationally and globally what do you see?

Let’s all strive for inclusive entitled equality!

Methods to action social society’d changes;


Lashings of understanding & Compassion

With a whole host of a hopeful’d faith!

For now, a Faith in humanity rises like steam; that people can change for the better just as I for leopards can change their spots for this is I

All can change for our next generations and beyond.

For this girl, this woman, this lady; this I is all one person

She stands before you now and again to recognise all your struggles my soul sister survivors we stand forth before you all banded together, bonded by one common theme our power to action seeds of change for the better as we all charge forth united by one quest…

Inclusive Entitled Equality

Are you with me?

Copyright Myfanwy 2020