Morrocco 🇲🇦

I fell to my knees at the sights before my eyes

The smells before my nose

The thriving bustling corners of the streets skooters beeping through the intoxicating streets

Senses aligned

For in the Atlas Mountains brought tranquility a reprieve and welcome fresh mountainous air amongst the cherry blossom trees white cotton fields cascading up the base of those majestic mountains.

The waterfall of purity divine

Cascading though the hills and so on foot and by car

I stood in awe at the Majesty befalling thine feet.

A huge sense of privilege affords, ashrines and encases this footfall,

For all I see are Smiles; for these shine through adversity to hide their pain

Yet only 3 known cases of COVID-19 virus wash min 5 times a day also less immediate body contact personal space and boundaries enforced and at play

Professionalism shines through their adversity adaptions to meet and care for their visitors to this sacred land.

I felt love from the lands, people and streets of Morrocco 🇲🇦

And I stand in awe.