What if….

The early part of December I went to two churches for advent celebrations and one strikes a chord with me then and still now What if….

The family friend’d vicar through the course of my younger years used to always talk at length to my grandfather, my hero he is and was,

For this sermon brought a sad prediction of fact that in 20 years time there would be no religion no churches

What if our lands knew no religious sacred place in many peoples lives was abolished what if….they all became decimated

What if in the end all religions were to disappear what if

What if our books were to disappear without a trace what if

What if our public libraries had no books in what if our public libraries slowly reduced its size what if

what if the young had nowhere to feel safe by their youth clubs closing what if

What if….our national health service the powers that can be wanted to attempt to privatise the health system what if they knew before it happened

What if this this really is insanity virtually coming together to show what really matters and what really counts

What if this brought us all together

What if….we refined things honed things for the better for a better society

What if we led by example to the future leaders of our world and the past leaders of our world

What if…our full life expectancy was more than 120 years of age

What if we are all right about what we know from our point of view what if

What if we looked within ourselves and found our oasis of heaven

What if this was love or the entity I call yeshua for others the father carries many other names but all hold one message LoVe ComPassion EmpathY consistency harbour ingredients of celebration

What if smiling through adversity mattered and was rewarded

What if we all loved and realised how vital social contact is to us

What if we realised our own dreams and full potential for the better what if….

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