will this unlock your peace within?

my Gratitude

That i encase, within.

To have the trust – In what I asked

To know the son would help – Thee to see

In stilled moments of time – Filled with

The what’s!

The ifs!

The shoulds!

The woulds!

The coulds!

The whys!


the hows!

My answer back: To this potential negative errored cyclone…

I can not change the past; nor do I desire to; regardless of the pain within the journey encountered.

For I accept the pain and the heartache of those years; just shy of 20!

Yet; I can change what lays ahead

If I still myself within:

A brighter gift in the now is always bestowed.

For slowing down my pace helps ease my flowing beat within.

This is my secret

That I extend to you.

With the desire,

With the wish,

With the hope,

That this, will this unlock your inner peace also.

To achieve the fullness within; these are gifts.

So make the start


Take the steps

To offer kindness & compassion in your mind’d eyes language.

For this is will release your best self; your best friend within.

To create a better now that gives brighter days ahead.

life is no race yet most will try to compete.

And yet it holds So many prizes within to unlock.

For if all you see and focus on….

Is pain,

Is badness,

Is nastiness,

Is evil,

Is stupidity,

Is Fears

Is ugly?

You will only bring the same and more in your wake of a similar kind; and will see that outside of you also;

For I was there also to know this.

For I am not perfect nor have I ever been; neither do I profess to be.

But I am perfectly imperfect just the way I am

But now I see,

There is much beauty in being

Perfectly imperfect!

embracing this as it is

For the irony is

Is that this

Is where perfection really lays.

Copyright © Myfanwy80 2020