My illness and I

We drove each other to despair didn’t we hey…

And yet here I sit in a different seated position

Reflecting over all in a different way from another line of sight that time has given me and luckily afforded me this is a gift that’s since come forth…

The seed was loving me more than the love I was giving out to others

My seed has slowly patiently calmly and gently has grown into loving my illness holding it close

And it was this that slowly, repeatedly and consistently that instilled safety back in me my illness compromised my safety, my own in not maintaining one thing at a time initially and that momentum and tread mill will keep turning up but it’s all in the old Aesop’s fables with the tortoise and the hare

I had no hope I have found my keys to see I am worthy of safety regardless of what thoughts the illness creates, and everyone is.

I have found my key’d quays of survival over the years some good some bad but one thing I know for sure is you never stop giving up keep on moving don’t stop, because we are fee to do what we want to do, judgements are not facts, thoughts are not facts so this is the fight back inside to stir up and fire within through giving yourself more love

You are worthy

You are all worthwhile

And are deserved as now I see I am as well

Copyright myfanwy80 2020