Tragedies Made me who I am now

They all tested my strength

They all tested my resilience

They all knocked me down

But I arose higher

But I arose stronger

But I arose determined

But I arose to be awoken

My tragedies made me a better person

They made me the person you see today

For I survived out of the cyclone of suicidal plans thoughts

Yet I survived to find the volume control on them

I choose out of the tragedies to see the lessons to lessen my load on my life’s coars’d journey of wonder

So through my journey please soar out the otherside for all matter to this soul

Compassion still remains for the lessons are truly blessings

So this is why I am grateful for them

For this soul grows ever daily

And this is my hope that you survive out the otherside

Let’s reign victorious

With our crowns fixed up high!

Copyright Myfanwy (mej) 2019 ©