Grains of Sand

Each grain of sand holds memories of the past I have learned from centuries of old

For When I next walk along the beach next

I will no longer shrill at the discomfort of each grain of the sand inbetween my toes; feet and hands

For remembering that each grain of sand holds memories of the past

And I will choose to remember to pay my respects to the lost memories of the past that lay within each grain of sand that I find at a beach

So; When I walk along the beach next,

I make a promise to myself in this moment;

to treasure! So sitting towel free to take stock; to feel the memories of the past etched under each placed foot from each grain of sand!

And with each step I take on those sand grains my feet will feel the marching beat of all the collective memories of the past that’s held within each grain of sand.

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  1. Dear Myfanwy,

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  2. Dear Myfanwy,

    Ahhh… What a nostalgic overtone your post is exuding! You are obviously a beach baby filled with poetic recalls.

    Yes, the memories of our youthful days spent at beaches are treasures to be summoned up to brighten our lives during the ongoing measures of social distancing.

    I would like to reciprocate your beachside spirit imbued in your post with mine at

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