Grains of Sand

Each grain of sand holds memories of the past I have learned from centuries of old

For When I next walk along the beach next

I will no longer shrill at the discomfort of each grain of the sand inbetween my toes; feet and hands

For remembering that each grain of sand holds memories of the past

And I will choose to remember to pay my respects to the lost memories of the past that lay within each grain of sand that I find at a beach

So; When I walk along the beach next,

I make a promise to myself in this moment;

to treasure! So sitting towel free to take stock; to feel the memories of the past etched under each placed foot from each grain of sand!

And with each step I take on those sand grains my feet will feel the marching beat of all the collective memories of the past that’s held within each grain of sand.

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