The Heart 💕

The heart 💖 is a muscle so I’m told

Yet to me this muscle is so much more!

For no scientist has unlocked the true energy power source it holds within.

For me this is where my soul lays

For me this is where my spirit lays

For me this is where the source of love lays

The soul the spirit the source can be aligned; as You confront the mind

For When you confront the minds language within with nurture

To Then embrace those shadowed negative trill; with the source of love within that you offer outwardly to others bring that inwardly to yourself; consistently and constantly unconditionally and patiently!

For this was my quay’d key to unlock

This love of the source within fought and won the battle over the mind

And still reigns victorious.

This is no time to slack for this battle still ensues but yet I pour more love to me within to my heart

For this mutes the negative trill now; I found the volume setting and this was my key nurturing the hearted muscle within.

For the volume control over the mind I have found. The mute setting I will find in this pursuit.

So I share this power with you for this power force of the heart helped me to find my voice.

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