The Dead Walk With The Living !

As a vessel is left behind

The souls of the vessels rise up beyond the grave.

For this marks their new beginning.

The Grave of death only serves to mark the end of the vessel; souls called back to the source of light – love; They always walk alongside us.

For Thine grandfather Passed years ago

He still walks with me and lives on his beyond death.

For I saw his face in the form of another

His hair wrapped and encased by cloth

And yet I saw his face on another walking this earthly plain frame.

Should this not have alarmed me ?

Yet a blanket of peace and comfort encases me then&now For I saw my lost patriarch walking with us; among us within this earthly plain frame; the dead walk among the all living vessels.

For my grandfather takes many forms jackdaws robins pheasants too

For all of which he loved within nature too.

The friend of whom I lost more recently

Rose up too; marked by time of a fortnightly bequest.

For you were also called back to the source of light-love.

I marked your bodies passing by attending your physical vessels service and forms of birds and squirrels you took to watch on; I marked your vessels passing by lighting my humble menorah

Of the seven flames within each candle I lit; as I hummed a song that came to thine mind.

four flames I found dancing

And yet the others remained so still

But; there was no breeze.

A blanket of comfort I found in knowing your light soul was by thine side as I asked if you were there and this signal you gave freely to me.

For the passing of your physical frame that your vessel lays at rest looking at the beacons of Brecon

Many forms you have taken in this fortnight just gone;

the robin that now appears at my window at regular times of the day every day since.

The squirrel that ran to your resting place that overlooks the beacons of Brecon.

Comfort I find now in both their passings; for the vessel that you had only served to bring the torture of pain while you lived

And I take comfort that you are both free of pain from the disease we call cancer on this earthly plain frame.

Both of whom united by the theme of this cancer not being found within this earthly plain frame.

So I take comfort in you both being pain free

So I take comfort that you both rose up

So I take comfort in your light souls dancing with this revelry.

I am comforted that you both walk with me.

For your lights now know peace.

solace you both found at being pain free dancing alongside me. And my heart dances with them in this glee at this revelry.

© Myfanwy 2020