The Space Of Peace

A wise philosopher once said:

‘As above so below

As within so without’. (out-with)

(In order for peace to align in you so too can peace outwardly align)

For The space of peace left me

The space of peace started to evaporate from me

For the smoke of evaporation is expelled from me

Yet; in this moment a friend of whom I lost. The last chapters of her life before the inevitable we all face

Her life was one of fight; battles ensued many together and one after another and onto the next. This was all she knew none of peace.

All the fights faced she stood strong against. Her soul only knew hardship. This is what shifted my space of peace

This shift of peace has now settling. For now my peace is laid bare for all to see. For her story that would lay silent would be the greater injustice for without acknowledging is to not accept and is the path to unforgiveness of self and life.

So this souls writes this to unsilence her voice to bring freedom to her phoenix soul and say Others face worse.

There are many reasons that made her a WARRIOR

There are many reasons that made her a SURVIVOR

There are many things that made her a TROJAN

(For She was of the starfish clan also)

For throughout her fights no one would know what lay behind her eyes for they disguised all the pain she felt

Her smile daily is what she wore without fail in all she faced

As she would pretend away her pain and give her best performance courageously through each day

For her body was host to an interior battle for she had cancer

She knew all along

And The doctors knew not regardless of all the tests she had but normal kept coming back

Shunned and told its in her head

for her soul this was the injustice

No entitlements of help and support for her illness lay undiagnosed

And Yet her smile lay on her lips through every knock she faced

The space of my peace was rattled to the core

For to compute how many injustices she faced

And yet her silenced voice How many others face that are bigger than hers. Yet all do not choose to smile through adversity

For it is those with the biggest smiles that are hiding the most pain. So I sit here now humbled by her story

A space of peace engulfs me as I write this to hope this will give a voice to her life.

So I write

to honour

to remember

To acknowledge

To accept

To forgive.

For this brave soul whose voice I will give voice to for she faced was silenced and others are too

For her pursuit was for a healthy pain free life

So If you have your health you are the richest person alive

If you have stabilised your mental health you are your own super hero

So I say this to all now

This is my safe peace space that I now share with you for I hold her dear for her pain is at an end.

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