MY Sandwell Sisters;Brothers!!

A celebration I break down to you my sisters to the sandwell matriachs alike

I write in honour for I felt your wounds your scars.

And I stood there to iron out the injustices that I saw for you in the age I represented you in.

Vibrant souled hearted truth united bands of light aurared beauties passed through the darkness of the mash ups

For the Ward was the leader legend as MC many a time. Howe thankful base of gratitude to you. Merton you were so kind too. Tony a true hearted spirit, tajinder kindness you always consistently offered.

Desk’d:Sampson, Joyce, Austin, Hathaway, Stephenson, Hughes, Glori’us, paulin’d, Venda’s pooled unified magic stardust we were a unified team as one together. With Royces gallore!!

Love deep I held for you all and still do. For you my sisters of my family tree, we band together, unite together to soar and rise above all.

As islands in the sea holding arms roots interlocking deep under the waves,.

I respect what we all achieved seperately, and together through the choppy waters of time and here We still soared above and out through it. Empoerwing, all out of other bonds in society.

Lets iron out all the creases together, My beauties we’r vivrant, shining while strive and we thrive always as a diverse mass, equal’d united warriored survivors switching it up.

Freedom in our pockets! So we sharpen up our souls to soar and shine, to elevate ever higher….in Effortless style & grace

So Watch on now as Our halos propel us forth, Eyes fixed up and ahead warrior’d Sandwell sisters survive

whispers behind? Let them Keep Hating On the Great!

So march on. So Skip on and Stride on, embracing our unique magic aligned within.

Set our SunShine Souls free within, release our butterflies and dragonflies akin within.

For our Freedom is our sunshine paving under our ways to let our feet find our own paths for our unique magic connects to the roots always in our hearts.

Copyright Myfanwy 2019