Taught, Confirmed, Affirmed!

It is here that I shall say:

All who came across this prior’d path and those currently in sync with my path’s forged

For most have all I would love to have and swap I would in a heartbeat

For when you came I heard, I felt and I prayed for all, individually and collectively!

Yet smite ensues with your judgemental interpretations with a laced critique of your true venom you dispel

Yet my question back to you all is:

Who made you my creator? To dain that rain of authority over me?

For it is with this I sit back down and I can stand back over all of the THINED dained to so say’d authority

For your projected ignorant illusions you have chosen to paint of critiqued paths pathed a laying at my feet

Perhaps it’s time I revel in your own image for to me at these moments serve as mere projections of your own lives; insecurities?

So now I choose to I laugh at this hypocrasy for what you level at my door really befalls at yours; before your own feet tenfold and some more over for good measure!

For your all trying to shake me into disgrace; yet I hold further secrets to this critiqued affair for you individually and collectively taught me,affirmed, & confirmed to me that

I can survive and I have survived

I am stronger and this strength personified outwardly and inwardly so aligned

I am free

I am rich in every possible abundant way


I am LOVE universal

And it is for this I win ever daily

I will always have these fundamentals

As all can aspire to have and achieve for we are all richer than we think and we all have more treasures and miracles of our own

For this is my daily bread of my religion.

My defence against those above!

So you see this me

I can loose? No, for even in the appearance of loss to the outside I knew all my treasures all along and I count them one by one daily in my in house heaven; which lays within all.

And yet this church’d aligned vessell merits her faith to have got her through to survive and still does ever daily.

And so yet more defences align to give this receiver tools to levitate above with her merited grace.

For all religions and those of none all have one theme in common; can you not see?


Unconditional positive Regard-Love



It is the Smiters all puffed out of the topped leaders that hold the spoiler alert and blame religion for the wars when really it is they with blood on their hands.

For these are the mirrors of truth I choose to hold up and back to thee, now with words or distance of boundaries, the visible and the invisible, the tangible and the unintangible, the metaphorical and real all the lines blurred still have paths and I see between all these blurred lines and I serve to dispel and turn them individually and collectively back on you for these were merited distractions the painted illusion of this so say learned society from our mother and fathers of old would they be truely happy for carry on this way and our churches housed children will be all out in the cold due to your actions if those break the cycles not to our aligned generations of future new!!

Copyright Myfanwy 2019