Flickers and Glimmers? LOVE SHOWS LOVE!


Love a floods back to this vessilised soul within this internal coiled spring’d all threaded within; To emanate, illuminate and levitate outwardly for inwardly aligned.

A true mirror’d life starting anew now is mirroring not only inwardly bit outwardly so.

self actualisation of The hierarchy of needs written by Maslow was, though; is this what it feels like?

Love SHOWS Love- As above so below- & so within to shine out-with To give to those without!! A universal truth of all religions and quantum physics is the power force of love!

All to align – beyond the ID’d self within tempers what is left of this ego’d self For humility was my key to diminish the ego over the cours’d years!

I offer me full acceptance; acceptance which I sought outwardly for so long but I see now That all I had to do was look within and I my friend within which aligned my quay’d anchor within of agap’d love.

I write this to comfort the past self of the child’d me then and in turn to you now would this could this help yee’all?This is my hope/dochas/gobaith for you all Could this be so?

For I Carry love in my heart ever daily

For Love shows more Love the universal Truth I acknowledge here in this safe space.

But the road can be lonely but not with this agape’d love within my unconditional positive regard offered humbly to the me’d self within and I pass on with my thanks to my creator but to you all I am grateful also even for the pain’s past.

And so, Embracing this agape’d aligned love was what I did and over time laying so many seeds outwardly for yee all to harvest?

My steps on the right’d course of thee’d me now. This is my victory how will all yours all be? This flamed loved vessel now flickers and glimmers and shines with her crown’d halo for once I feel this to be so.

We all have halos buffer them up with your own love and hold your own crown of glory over the hard battles that life can so often bring.

Shimmer and shine and strive forth beauty vessilised human soul brothers and sisters.

We are all breathren of the same family tree all the good and love are truely connected.For Love shows Love.

This is a universal truth acknowledged : I wish to share this to many I have lost to this and I write to honour them all. Tap into your anchor’d quay within please for this is all your victory’s also and for love gives you the time to empower us

We are all worthy of this! Nurturing our flames of love within.

For true, genuine, authentic LOVE only SHOWS LOVE. For I love humanity do you to?

For if we unite on this unconditional agape’d love there are limitless possibilities to turn the impossible possible.

Myfanwy 2019.