Our Nations Blessings

Our Health Service are full of treasured angels respectfully dispelling inequalities but are there statistically speaking yet still I remember back to

For the matriach’d three siblings sisters the health looked so different for the southern of a Celtic nation’d siblings during their youth’d filled memories for all my family members with private healthcare and their community in the then.

Is there yet more to strive for though? For our service of health that all contribute to within our society because every life matters all lives are equal inclusive for all within our prized society.

Contributions to our blessings healthed system throughout all cross sections of our vibrant society from benefitted contributions substitutions are always made akin to those who are able to work for all pay into it so all are entitled, when the need arises.

For you all strive to give compassion, while acknowledging the dignity of those you tend but could we do more when all I see are the patterns of life expectancy being reduced for the impact of this on the other umbrella of health that was ignored for so long for the loss of grief of our matriarchs and patriarchs of all our society’d families and friends akin could we have done more? An apparent dichotomy?

Yet I feel a dischord within It I know it and for through my matriarch’d word’d picture’d faces I see Corridors of people children crying sick all queuing to be seen by someone hoping to be seen by someone yet they wait in pain’s agony

The echoes of ill health is echoing then how?

I know why can you see this too?This is the fear of all fears yet this is my mental guised innocence of what we could achieve on the positive side to promote a health service to preserve longevity of life

Let’s protect every life…for every single member within our modern day health system pays for this works for you all when they need you and yet services are cut?

Preservation of life is essential to give our best to be a part of the better way together isn’t this essential? protection of our All our United Nations Grand parents, mothers, step mums and fathers, step fathers, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, lifelong friends, is the key are entitled to this for we are all equal.

I wish I could trust that there was no hidden agenda; a repeat of ww2 for the ultimate selection as life expectancy is declining health cuts being made doctors and nurses stretched to the very maximum capacity please hear and listen to the statistics of the subsmissions within this for surely this may show something but then I have been known to be mental but no this could not be?

For this is could never be repeated when we have learned so much

And that no person is greater than the next regardless of the clothes they wear how they speak we are all equal!

And yet the ex’s parted of past revealed and revelled, at levies being placed on the head of those cremated £200 per person please tell me this is not so?

For this again affirms and confirms the repeated chronology of events within the worst war my vessel has ever had to digest!

But yet still, I see so many positives within it

For all the powers that be have to do is strip it all back to protecting and preserving humanity

I fundamentally believe in Our Blessing of Health’d system

If we use what voice we have perhaps the protective systems above us will love us as much as we care for each other.

But how can we protect our Biggest blessing of All perhaps our banded collective voice may preserve it better?

To those in the health system physical and mental health holistic health dentistry and pharmacy’s aligned the pressures your under thank you

Yet here me I will hope we could all eovt to preserve this protective institution and iron the creases out against the natzi’d selection fear I have.

Will you eotv one voice can get over shadowed but an army of voices together can help preserve our United Nations blessing

Copyright Myfanwy 2019