The Dragon’d 🐉 Avatar tempered!

The beast’d bipolar reigned supreme over its subject, its victim….ME!

For the bipolar beast was unaware of the tools that I had acquired to employ in its bid to temper this soaring and ravenous beast. The battle commenced.

For one by one, I tackled each beast within with confidence in the new tools it had acquired to find its self is a starfish club member. For this equipped this self with yet more tools to temper other beasts that may rare their heads in the grey’d haize of this for the battle lay within my minded prison.

Yet now, The bipolar beast has now become; my avatar’d dragon; who is; now my closest ally. The result; a safer place created within this frame of reference to show the now egoless self within.

Yet still there’s always more to work to employ to temper the avatar’d dragon; so as to carry her once now unsilenced voice to sustain a greater quality of stability within.

Now, I; sigh! A sigh that is dispelled at the respite I have gained; for the tools I have helped me to locate the volume control to turn down that beast who is now my avatar’d dragon who is aligned and on the same side as I.

For no longer victimised I survived!