Different Levels by Aneuirn G Thomas

Up and down, on the one side gravity
On the other, this hot air balloon inside
That takes her wandering above all
With a wicked smile looking down at me
Leaving me where they stop measuring height
On the sea level of how low I can get
Stuck with sand blown in my eyes, and her above
Where she belongs, floating above the mundane.
We’re on entirely different levels, high and low
But I’ve always hoped she’d take me, hanging on below
Together far away above, from where it’s easier
To survey the ruins of life.
And I’ll dream on the shore’s edge
And she on high, on the end of a branch
Not knowing which side she’ll fall on waking
Leaving me to drown on the high tide of dawn.

Copyright reserved by Aneurin Gareth Thomas 2019

Poem submitted via his publication of Melancholic Avenue out NOW!!