For I am but….by MEJ

The ebb and the flow

The rise and the falls

The self sabotage psyche kicked in

A penance I would usually pay on this fair soul

The attraction to the dominators treatment

Still possesses its hook

Yet this is the trap door to the ebb and the fall

For I am but more than this and this psyche still kicks in but I am the driver to ebb out this fall

As it is the untreated shock of the self that’s turns things to a black haized gaze within my minds eye

It is serving to tell me there is but more to do

For this shock of self displays itself in the opposite of the mainstream so opposite action beckons

For I am but more than this

Memories of old stepping forth in my minds eye playing out on repeat in the fullness of the feelings of that moment I did not feel and yet years later these memories play out each time I learn something more

Hope is what I have For all is not lost

And Hope always reigns supreme for I am but human

And as a human I stumble I fall yet I stand back up no matter what I face

For I am but a woman who makes mistakes

For I am but a woman who learns from these mistakes

For I am but a woman who can solve this to move beyond and past this for the better

For I am but a woman who can employ the healing tolerance of distress to employ to thine.

For the fullness of the reframe reality clicked me off this past hook with the might of the effectiveness within the interpersonal that I have saved myself from

So I take my reigns and be but the constant master of psyche

So ever a constant- I cherish and nourish the heart of this mighty vessel and the soul of this vessel and the light of this vessel

For I am but a woman who chooses to survive and reign supreme over this inner victory.

Copyright Myfanwy 2020©