The Haize of that Fog

I was once lost

Caught in the haize of that dank fog

Of the worse kind the fog of the mind

I can’t touch it

I can’t see it

Yet oh how I felt it and sense it

I know ‘it’ was there

Blique Bladed Bouquet

Chilling stilling deafeningly quiet yet together as one

Time stops yet runs away together as One

That was the haize of that fog

Numbed all feeling for years at a time

Tainting all of my senses with anger at myself

Engulfed in self punishment as the torture from the haize of that fog it reigned thick

Engulfed for years in that haize of that fog

Yet oh how that haize of that fog haunts my soul it left its scar for all to see

Yet now I cast the spell to dispel this haize of that fog.

And the fog it lifts with lessons to fold and see to utilise and employ.

For this day forth I strive to embrace my humanness and it’s flaws love them away until even they become assets

For this is the spell I cast on my soul now.

Copyright Myfanwy 2020 ©

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