My Mum #StarfishClub

You are my best friend

You are my protector

You are my biggest cheerleader

You always see the best things in me.

Growing up your pushed away love

Yet you always put our needs before your own

Surpassing unconditional love to us both.

You were and are pure strength

You were and are a fighter

You were and are a survivor.

You did all you could I see now and then yet that was still not enough.

You were there during

all the night tremors

all the flashbacks

all the demons haunting me

You stood by my side.

I am the most blessed daughter

To have witnessed

your courage

your independence

Your strength

Your temperance

Your kindness

Your wisdom

You like my patriarch; your father you remind me of.

For you and he

Show me what I need to embrace

Though the illness in me made it hard for me to show how proud I am to say you are my mum.

For you are my hero and I will always love you my mum.

© all rights reserved by MEJ 2020