SisterHood #StarfishClub

Just 18 we were

At halls we met

Your energy

my energy

Instantly we recognised

our own selves in each of ourselves.

For we Both saw the kindred spirits In each other.

My Bestie from Uni you still remain.

Both from market towns


our wishes

our hopes

our dreams for our future selves.

A dribble pillow was dedicated to you from me in your slumber

A few years we lost contact

As both of us – Each facing our own similar tragedies

Though different experiences

the themes are the same.

We celebrate now our freedoms from these tragedies.

We celebrate our friendship through so many years.

The scars of the past still mending away but both stronger than before.

Soul sis of mine our sisterhood still flourishes.

For we have come so far.

© MEJ 2020