My Matriarch #StarfishClub #PTSD

Along my life’s course to present day

From babe in arms

To adult life

You always explained everything to me

Patiently and kindly

Though me always so curious, inquisitive

Yet throughout it all

You stood by my side patiently and tentatively

Dancing round the kitchen to the small LP vinyls

Teaching me the twist while brushing and mopping the floor

Murder in the Dark was a favourite

Between my bro and I

18years on after my patriarchs passing your husband

We share our memories now

For we are now able share in the laughter at this moments together.

Remembering all the funny times we shared

You always loved me when my mental health made it hard to love me

You are Unconditional you are akin to my mum, your daughter

For these Old memories we always speak of now encases all memories in ribbons

Yet we are linked further by 11s our f each of our day of births

All tied and hold our three generations

Bonded and Bound banded and bind us together

For this is our maternal line.

© all rights reserved by author MEJ 2020