myths & TRUTHS #StarfishClub

My Inner Myths

I Created & my mind generated; ivy – feeding from its host

To admonish the ivy – I have to tackle the root of it:

& Tend to my inner vulnerability heal my wounds visible and intangible.

Anewed self to others

Yet inwardly the battle won

For My Inner truth generated & nutured

Synthesising my inner Peace

Actioning positve change within.

Actioning further postive changes.

To surpass my ability to bring peace to others outwardly.

For this fills me with glee.

All from tending to my own splinters

My own planks of wood in my own eyes, and remaining weeds in my own garden, in My own private walled garden of my mind.

So I have my harvest, my rewards, I am able to offer more outwardly. Offering yet further outer peace.

And so I kneel over all these appeared dichotomies for they all have their place without them no action of change would of happened.

So I kneel again in Awed Majestic Splendour.

And This Is My Heaven NOW.

Copyright Myfanwy 2019