PRIDE by Gail #StarfishClub #WritingCommunity #Coffeeandachat

PRIDE (winner of the Rhondda pride competition)

Which is the best path to take?

Predictable and straight, or adventurous, unknown and prone to the odd mistake

Quiet, peaceful, without strife, grief or pain?

Or busy! With not a moment spent in vain?

Does heaven exist or hell?

All i know is this world, this life- I wish to live it, and live it well

Do as your elders say?

Or as society deems proper, is that the safest possible way?

Bury your truth, to keep feathers unruffled

Based on lies- turning blind eyes, As your soul slowly dies muffled?

Or come what may, to thine own self be true?

Perhaps follow your heart-do to others as you would have done unto you?

To each their own, there is no one way

With confidence and pride- can you meet the eyes in the mirror at the end of the day?

© all rights reserved by the author Gail 2020