Chelle’s Own Song by MEJ #StarfishClub #PTSD #Coffeeandachat #WritingCommunity #Poetry #PoetryCommunity #PoetryHub

My unique song within

Rises and falls within

It’s never failed me

Though I pushed it away

Though I tried to deny it

Though I tried to dispel it

Reluctant to embrace

my scars, my wounds, my demons;

My shackles my regrets; my Rose tinted glasses

Until I saw the shadowed self in the mirror one day

I saw the truth in the self

For all I did was

Accept it as it is

Respect it as it is

Love it as it is

Aiming this all back at the shadow self and the self within

My inner song grows louder every day

My voice is unsevered

I feel alive

For my own unique song continues to sing and soar

Louder than before

Reverberating higher

Resonating higher

So all is shown

So all is revealed

So all that is mirrored is attracted back to me

For there is beauty in this peace aligned space within

For there is power in me

For there is love within me

That helps me feel free

For I see the truths now no longer under a rose tinted glasses

Yet I

Embraced the blemishes

Yet I

Embraced the old scars

Yet I

Embraced the old wounds

For this dispels and severs all the ties to the shackles of the past

And serves to awaken me to a rebirthing moment for a wiser self for I am my own cheerleader now chanting my own unique song within

© all rights reserved to the author MEJ